Digitalization to boost Philippine banking growth

THE continued adoption of digitalization and open finance in the Philippine banking industry is expected to transform the delivery of financial services, enhance lenders’...

Five principles for generative AI in financial services

THANKS to recent technological advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) foundation models and record-breaking rates of consumer adoption, it’s no longer a question whether your company will use this technology. It’s a question of when and how.

Gov’t digitalization push to sustain demand for fintech services

DEMAND for financial technology (fintech) services is expected to be sustained following the increase seen during the coronavirus pandemic, driven by the government’s digitalization...

Public policy and private sector participation 

FOURTEEN years ago, Robert B. Reich, professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley and former Cabinet member in several Democrat administrations in the US, published an extremely interesting paper titled “Government in Your Business” in the Harvard Business Review.

Listed companies consider ESG

COMPANIES are expected to pursue more environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives amid rising climate risks and as the Philippines continues to recover from...

Lessons not from the classroom 

STRATEGIC maneuvers during crisis times have been truly instructive, especially to boards and leadership teams. In the heat of the recent pandemic, landmark moves included ACEN Corp.’s bold expansion in the renewable energy space (locally and abroad, supported partly and aptly by green financing), Manila Water Co., Inc.’s $500-million sustainability bonds and a strategic alliance with Trident Water Co., as well as Ayala Land, Inc.’s launch of AREIT, Inc., the country’s first real estate investment trust.

Small businesses embrace technology to stay competitive in face of risks

THE micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) and startup ecosystem is becoming more attuned to the need for adaptability and sustainability by assigning more weight to lean, efficient operations, industry experts said, noting that the realignment of priorities is becoming more pronounced as tough times loom.

Jack be nimble: Hoteliers keep best practices as COVID wanes

AFTER stagnation throughout the years of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, hotels around the country are showing optimism for the hospitality industry, with some developers about to open, or have just opened, new properties. Meanwhile, established hotels are retaining pandemic-borne safety practices, as well as utilizing online and remote capabilities that became a necessity during the worst days of the pandemic.

How technology helped retailers beyond the pandemic

TECHNOLOGY has allowed retailers to survive the pandemic while boosting their operations to meet changing consumer behavior. From supermarkets to restaurants, the retail industry has embraced advances in e-commerce, positioning businesses for further growth.

Post-COVID opportunities in healthcare

THE post-COVID opportunities in healthcare are becoming apparent in fields like digital transformation and wellness, industry officials said, while at the same time highlighting the challenges posed by labor shortages and cybersecurity threats.

Philippine schools level up with new tech

UPSKILLING teachers and taking advantage of new technologies remain top priorities for the Philippine education sector as the country transitions out of the global coronavirus pandemic, according to education experts.

Striking a balance between mining development and environmental protection

AMID the country’s move towards the greater use of renewable energy is a need to strike a balance between maximizing the mining industry’s contribution to the economy and minimizing the impact on the environment.
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